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These are the runs that skiers no longer ski but are used for operations staff access to the mountain and snowshoeing at the club

Slingshot:  Slingshot was originally and still used as an operational staff access route to the top of the Comet.


Quest:  Quest is the newest double black diamond run on the spur of the hill to North of Bowie and down to Backstairs. Never officially groomed, it's narrow and gnarly.


Backstairs:  Backstairs was cut in 1962 as planned out by Ron Healey and his wife Dorothy. It is one of the longest runs at Craigleith at almost a mile in length.

Cornice: Cornice is not as well known of a run because it’s an area of usually deeper drifting snow off the trail that leads along the top of the mountain to Northwest Passage. Originally an unofficial area dominated by a large snowdrift that attracted daredevils who made jumps and aerial tricks off the edge.

Saddleback: Saddleback is the second of the three unique but similar trail-like runs through the woods. It runs beside but drops lower than the Cruiser and is steeper as it whips you down toward Canyon. It was originally known as Old Canyon.

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